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Update time : 2017-10-20 10:37:37
German Lohmann is about to appear at the 2017 China International Door, Window and Curtain Wall Expo

Fenestration BAU China China International Door, Window and Curtain Wall Expo and China International Building System and Materials Expo (referred to as "FBC") is the first door and window curtain wall exhibition in Asia A new exhibition organized. The new FBC exhibition has the best exhibitor and audience resources for both parties and is committed to providing comprehensive and high-end building system solutions for the Asian market. At the same time, FBC provides exhibitors and visitors with a variety of simultaneous conferences and forum activities, which will focus on China's urban sustainable development, future smart city construction planning, design and construction, construction industry 4.0 one-stop solutions, intelligent production, etc. The core direction is a feast not to be missed by real estate developers, architects, planners, engineering technology experts, and material production enterprises.

Shortage of resources, tight cost accounting, and trendy design – the construction industry now faces many huge challenges. In this regard, German Lohmann tape is your right partner. Our high-end tapes have many advantages in the manufacture of glass, doors and windows, and efficient sealing of buildings. For example, it can realize fast bonding, simple and convenient operation, high design freedom, and improve the energy efficiency of buildings. In addition, due to its high flexibility, the use of adhesive tape can also be applied to automated processes. From an economic point of view, this also improves your competitiveness.

More play space, more design

For adhesive products used in modern architectural design, Lohmann tape provides a complete solution

Are you looking for reliable fixing methods for beautiful architectural design? Then German Lohmann is your right choice. Whether it is the thermal insulation bonding of doors and windows or the sealing and insulation bonding of roofs and roofs-our adhesive tape provides more room for innovative design. The "bonding engineer" provides you with possibilities that you may not have imagined so far. Please open your heart and take a look at some of our application examples. Bonding products suitable for you may appear soon.

Glass assembly

The question of how to save energy is now being mentioned more and more frequently. Energy-efficient windows are a timely response. The design of this window is based on the bonding of thermal insulation glass, that is, a double-sided tape is used to directly bond the glass plate to the grille. Lohmann's bonding technology can also realize a new window design here, improving light transmittance, heat insulation, and anti-theft. In addition, manufacturers can also reduce material and production costs, as well as benefit from the fully automated adhesive tape application method.

Door and window decoration strip bonding

Realize a good lighting design quickly and easily. The foam tape of Lohmann Germany is especially suitable for bonding decorative strips on the window glass. The assembly is particularly convenient, and since this fixation method shows no traces at all, its bonding effect is obvious. In addition, our tapes are of excellent quality. Especially resistant to weather changes, ensuring a long service life.

Door leaf bonding

Architects are now keener on flat building facades. Lohmann's advanced door leaf bonding technology is particularly suitable for this development trend. That is, the door leaf adheres to the door frame with tape, and the door leaf is covered, thereby obtaining an attractive, concise, and no transition surface design effect. In addition, door leaf bonding can be fully automated, thereby optimizing the manufacturer's production process.

For more details

Welcome to the Lohmann tape booth to communicate with our professionals

Booth No.: N4 4.06 C (in the German Pavilion)

2017, November 7-9, 9:00-17:30

November 10th, 9:00-14:00

Venue address: Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)

North Hall 4 (N4), No. 2345 Huamu Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai

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